The bulk of what pollutes the Nairobi River is garbage dumping. It is something that is totally avoidable and can be easily managed through proper waste management and the need to create awareness for the residents in those areas to protect the environment.

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There are different ways of preparing liver. The most used liver around the world is Cow Liver. Tenderness can be achieved by peeling off the white layer that coats it. Soak in milk for 20 minutes. Fry using rosemary and thyme. Simmer time is about 40 minutes.

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This is kales. In Swahili, it is referred to as sukuma wiki and it's probably the most common green vegetable you will ever come across in Kenya. It's grown by 90% of smallholder farmers and is a source of vitamins and carotene. Can also be called Borecole or with its scientific name Brassica ole...

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Beef sausages, also called smokies, make a delicacy meal especially among the young generation. Generally, sausages come in different flavors, ranging from pork, beef, and chicken. Beef is however popular in part because of the price factor compared to the rest. You can prepare it by roasting in ...

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This is an equipment you are likely to come across during ceremonies and in such establishments such as churches and a music production house. The idea is to project sound to a larger audience for audibility purposes. Sound is one of the most interesting fields of study, called acoustic.

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Despite the bad reputation that plastics get, bottled water comes in handy in cases where you need to cater to a large number of people, especially in ceremonies. What we need to uphold is not only safe disposal of plastic waste but also recycling.

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Jua Kali (Swahili for hot sun) is an informal sector that greatly contributes to the Kenyan economy. In fact, over the last couple of years, the informal sector employs more people than the informal sector. At this open-air market adjacent to Gikomba market, these traders make a living by buildin...

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Built in 1974, the KICC commemorative plaque is a piece of architectural genius. It consists of a cube that is anchored on the ground on one of its vertices. The plaque is placed at the entrance to the Amphitheatre. A site to behold.

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Liberty Cinema in Pangani, Nairobi seems to have lost its spark. Movies are no longer showcase here. However, it has acquired a more poignant role; it is used as a performing arts theatre for plays, dances and other community-based activities

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Stock photography

  • Vultures Scavenging at Maasai Mara

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    These birds do a great job of cleaning up this maintaining a clean environment in the wild.


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